Carbide Create : What is new in the last release Beta 286?

I downloaded and installed this latest Beta built 2016-05-04, but haven’t noticed anything different yet? Was this just for bug fixes? Wondering if anyone in the community might know. Thanks.

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Lots of changes behind the scenes.

  • The Polygons are now drawn using Curves.
  • The points in a Curve/Polygon now have a point-type code to tell whether there are curve control-points or not.
  • Curves and Polygons should (must) be closed.
  • Toolpaths are connected to shapes using a new “tool-link” structure; if you try to edit an old drawing, none of the toolpaths will be properly connected.
  • All shapes now use a UUID (a long string of randomly chosen hexadecimal digits), instead of an integer; this should make it easier to split drawings into separate shapes, and merge separate drawings into one.

There may be other differences, but those arewhat I’ve noticed.

If you need to convert an old file to beta 286, you might try my Python program, posted at:


Thank you for your reply!