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Finding some quiet time to work on these:

(and getting used to a new keyboard (ThinkPad 8845 w/ Trackpoint and trackpad) and old tablet stand… I’m blaming any typos on those — finally got tired of the crippled handwriting interface in Windows 8/10… maybe things will work better in Android)

Please let me know of any suggestions or corrections or additional content which might be helpful

After nearly a year and a half, I’m still trying to figure out how to draw a single straight line, one where the machine (cutter) travels down this line, just once.

Can’t be done in Carbide Create — it will close the path by doubling back to the origin.

Might be able to draw a pocket which would result in such a path, but easier just to code in G-code or use a tool which does support that such as MakerCAM.

Worked a bit more on this, and filled in a bit on “Node/Curve Edit Mode”:

Please let me know if you have any questions, or specific topics which you would want addressed.