Carbide Create will not load

I added a font to CC. When I went to start CC it would not start. I clicked on CC icon and it did not load. I un installed and re installed it and it still will no load. Can any one tell me what I did wrong.

I’d be interesting in the outcome of this too. I enabled the ‘pro’ trial, which I didn’t end up purchasing (Vectric VCarve…) But now the shop laptop (Apple) starts to load CC and aborts, no matter what I try. Tried updating to the latest version, same issue. CC runs OK on my main workstation (Apple), which at some point also had the ‘pro’ trial enabled, but aside from the occasional warning about ‘trial expired’ it loads and runs as expected.

Please let us know which font this was.

I would suggest clearing your font caches — which OS are you using and what version?

I am using Windows 10 and where would I find the font caches?

I got CC to Work. I deleted CC in file (C:\home\appdata\local\carbide3d\carbidecreate )

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There are utilities for doing this in Mac OS X presumably there are some for Windows as well — glad you got it running!

I would like to thank you and everyone on this board for your help. Thank You!!

And thank you @lcjones228 for posting this!
@BoscoBob and I have been working on this same problem with his PC for quite a long time and many hours. Been watching posts trying to find a solution and your post here helped solve it, Bob is now up and running with Carbide Create once again!

In this case the problem turned out to be a stray and apparently incompatible file in the folder:
C:\Users\CurrentUser\AppData\Local\Carbide 3D\Carbide Create\tools

We found some true type font files here and deleted them, but that alone didn’t resolve the issue. Once we deleted the settings.ini file from the folder:
C:\Users\CurrentUser\AppData\Local\Carbide 3D\Carbide Create
and then restarted the program we were all set :slight_smile:

@WillAdams, is there a way to report this as a bug and perhaps ignore incompatible files in this, or other initialization folders?

EDIT: If it’s of any consequence, this issue first manifested itself when Bob upgrade from an older version of CC to the new V474. However, I don’t know what the older version was.


If you can provide specifics on one version of CC failing to install over another we’ll see if a developer can look into it.

The installation itself didn’t fail, pretty sure of that. When attempting to run the software after the install completes successfully the hourglass would show for a second or two and then the software would close. On a hunch, I deleted the settings.ini file from the folder above, try to run again, that file was recreated and immediately the program would close. This without ever seeing the user interface. Once we removed the files from the tools folder and deleted the settings.ini file, then the new 474 version would run successfully.

@BoscoBob - do you recall the older version you previously had installed?

@MikeG I had V473. I installed V474 to get my one year free. I figure that I have a couple of weeks left on that trial “year” (where most of it was spent trying to get the program to even run. Do you think there is any chance that @WillAdams would give my one year a reboot?

No idea on how further licensing is going to be handled — above my paygrade — you’ll need to see if @robgrz will share more than was posted in the pricing discussion.

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