Carbide create will not open a downloaded .dxf file

I have tried opening quite a few .dxf files in Carbide Create and have had no success with any. I was wanting to try out a few simple designs on my new Shapeoko 3 to get some experience. When I try to open the file nothing happens at all. Any suggestions on this one? Also I just DL’d the update to Cabide Create but that didn’t help either.

Thanks in advance!

It looks like in the current build I am getting a Lua Error: [string “dxfreader.lua”]:641:bad arguement #1 to ‘pairs’(table expected, got string)

It appears that importing .SVGs now work though. You may want to try converting your dxfs to svgs until they fix the code.

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Thank you Seth I’ll try that.

I`m new to CNC and trying to use carbide create to generate g code, but had no successful importing dxf and svg files.

When I open one dxf the grid goes away and i can see only the red dot. And when I open the same file in svg only some path appear.

Anyone found a solution for importing dxf on carbide create?

Cobre.DXF (22.9 KB)

Cobre_10.DXF (185.5 KB) (svg file)