Carbide Create wont launch

I just got my Shapeoko XXL a couple weeks ago. Its all set up and I cut a few small things. I tried to open Carbide Create today and it wont launch. The splash screen displays, but the program is stuck in a minimized state.

I’m using build 313 in a new Win10 computer. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but nothing is fixing the problem.

Any thoughts? This is frustrating as I was really hoping to use the machine more this weekend.

Someone posted the fix on the Facebook group.

Click the minimized icon in the taskbar, press the Windows key, and press the up arrow on the keyboard. That fixed it.

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That might be the goofiest workaround I’ve seen yet. Not saying it doesn’t work, but it’s pretty close to a witch doctor banging his stick on the side of the submarine (extra points if you get the reference).

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