Carbide Create work area and adding non C3D cutters

I finally opened CC to try to create a work path to tram my spoil board work area of 33x33.

I am only able to create a 32:"x32: work piece

I am not able to add a 1 1 /4" square endmill to the tool path for my cutter.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.


Hi Craig,
Are you surfacing your STOCK MDF wasteboard -Or a secondary top sheet?
I like to add a topper.
FYI: 1.5" of the Y travel is out the front of the machine so do a pre -flight jog test to make sure you dont hit a limit.
For jobs like this, I suggest using the Top Left as the origin.

XXL SURFACING.c2d (144.6 KB)

In the Tool Library Click: ADD TOOL

Then Double click on the Green Box (#900 in the example).

Click OK when your done creating the New tool.

CC is currently set to 32" max, most likely for safety to keep people from driving into the sides.

Thanks for your response.

I am surfacing my MDF waste board, not the stock MDF baseboard.

I have a front removable extension so that I can use the full work area when needed, I would like to surface this at the same time.

This helped me understand how at ADD new cutters:

((The V-Carving one))

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Craig, would you mind uploading a pic of your removable extension?


I would love a picture of the extension as well. Sounds like a good add-on.

I’ll start a new post about my table extension so it doesn’t get lost in this thread.

New thread started. Removable front table extension

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Also wanted to add that when using a toolpath zero located at the center of the stock/work area, coordinates of geometry still reference the lower lefthand corner. Makes it really hard to actually center anything. would be better if setting a rectangle’s center to be (0,0) moved it to the toolpath zero.

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