Carbide Created build 623

I just updated to Carbide Create build 623. Don’t know if this is just a glitch but when I try to make a circle or square, I use to have the option to then either enter a radius for a circle or in the case of a square, enter the height and width. In build 623 nothing changes when I adjust those parameters. Has anyone else come across this? Does anyone know of a fix?


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I don’t remember seeing that in 623, but am now testing 627 and can confirm it’s not happening there:

(you are remembering to tap enter/return?)

if you use tab or mouse to go between boxes…
you must hit the enter key for the values to stick

(yes this is not exactly intuitive and many other parts of CC do not operate this way)

Thats the problem. On the previous version I was running, 530, You did not have to hit return. Just enter the values and the square or circle would update. Can’t believe I didn’t think to try that.
Thanks for solving that for me.


Where did you get build 627? On Carbide 3d under software downloads the latest Carbide Create build they have is 623.

See reply from WillAdams above.

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