Carbide Cribbage Pin Kit

Quite a long time ago, our very own Kevin asked for a Cribbage pin kit. It took a little longer than we’d have liked, but we’re now able to offer it out.

It can be found in the store here

I love a nice knurled part, so can’t wait to see these out in the wild.


These are very nice. I’m a machinist by trade and it’s not worth making them myself for that price. If someone happens to make more than one board, is there an option to just order the pins and not the drill bit?


The drill bit is not a ton of money, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to do single kits without the drill bit. If folks are interested, we can package them into 5 or 10 packs of pins where it might make more sense.


Just a heads up, your store page says “pins pins” in the description of each type of pin.

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Is the cribbage drill in the tool library? Can’t seem to find it and the only specs are that it is 3.5mm. What is the best RPM to run at?

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