Carbide feed and speed I’m assuming the mahogany would be the standard for hardwoods? What type of plywood do these rates represent?

Yes, mahogany stands in well for most hardwoods — there’s a bit more at: — it would be nice to work up a system which could use Janka hardness to determine feeds and speeds, but woods seem to have a much larger “sweet spot” than metals, so as long as one isn’t going so slow as to overheat the endmill, or so fast as to risk breaking it, and the surface finish is acceptable, one should be okay. See: — the technique at: is good for fine tuning.

Baltic Birch is the typical go-to for CNC projects, but I don’t think plywoods matter much by species — it’s the layering and adhesives which define it.


The wiki page is now a bookmark! I found the other two links last night, plenty of good stuff there as well.

I’ve been using 13 ply Baltic Birch. The material section on the settings page of create does not have an option for plywood. I’ve been selecting Hardwood, but since you need to adjust all of the speed, feed, depth per pass settings, does it really matter what material you select?

Thank for all of your help Will.

FWIW, I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around this and have been working out my ignorance in public at:

I think this is a pretty cool representation of the official feeds and speeds though:!/vizhome/Carbide3DCNCFeedsandSpeeds/Sheet1?publish=yes

(and really need to get at least 1/8" endmills in a Shapeoko added somehow)

I cut BALTIC BIRCH as soft wood .

All the time …

Even sped up the feeds and speeds few times but not by much. Need seen or had any issues😁

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