Carbide for Ipad

Can Carbide Motion work with a iPad. I was trying to download but was having an issue? Will it Work?

Highly doubtful. Did you find CM in the App Store? There’s your answer. Still doubtful on a jailbroken device.

No, we do not have a version of Carbide Motion for the iPad.

One can achieve something along those lines by running VNC on the iPad and using it to control a Raspberry Pi 4:

Thanks for input. Thats what i thought. Just wanted to check before i go buy a new computer.

I use a RPi3B. I love it. I built it right into the torsion table, IMHO It is way more stable and reliable. No random updates, no other mystery stuff. No Fan, so it is not sucking dust. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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