Carbide Motiom not updating job progress

When I run jobs with Carbide Motion, I notice that the progress graphics and the information that shows which g-code lines have been processes always hangs after a short time and doesn’t update anymore. The job is processed fine, it is just the progress information that is not updated after 5% or so. Is this a configuration issue on my side or a general issue?

It should show updates the whole way through. Now, it won’t update linearly throughout the job, it will depend on the lines processed (some lines take longer than others). But by and large it should work.
What are you generating your gcode with?

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The gcode is generated by Carbide Create. I saw the same behavior with all 30x versions. The job starts and then after ~1000 lines or 5% (I am away from the machine this week so I can’t check the exact values) it stops updating.

Please send a set of files in, along w/ notes on version numbers and instructions on re-creating this behavior and a note on your system specifics and we’ll have a developer look into it.

Here are a Carbide Create file and the nc code created from it that showed this behavior for me:

Fraestisch.c2d (2.6 KB) (25.3 KB)

They where created with Carbide Create 307 and processed with Carbide Motion 3.0.366 on a Windows 10 Home 1703 64-bit system with German locale. All programs use metric.

If I load the .nc file in Carbide Motion and run it, it starts and after a few seconds the progress graphic and line number shown are stuck at usually 5% or line ~1000 while the actual CNC happily continues to execute the job to the end - I just don’t see how long that will be. The numbers for X, Y and Z position are updated correctly.

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Thanks! We’ll try to have a developer look at it @robgrz @edwardrford

One information about my setup that i forgot - not sure if it is what makes the difference: My SO3 is a “Sparkfun Edition” SO3.