Carbide Motion 4.0.407

I just updated Motion and GRBL to the latest version and notice the following:

The keyboard shortcuts for Joging the Z are now assigned to comma “,” and dot “.” keys. Motion 3 maps them on the numeric pad (Page up/down) together with X and Y.

It would be very useful to have the shortcuts display in the UI. It would be super to allow the use to bind different keys.

After clicking on the Jog menu (top right corner), the Jog UI comes up, now if you try to click on different items on the top right menu nothing happens, but the buttons visually “click”. you have to click “done jogging” to be able to switch to Load/Run/MDI/Settings, This seems to behave like a modal dialog, if it is you should disable the top menu providing visual clues while in Jog.

The carbideupdater user guide reference a button “Toggle Shapeoko Homing” which does not exist.

Note the email comment:

I am not sure how to value your comment. I provided feedback for the beta.
Are suggesting to email the feedback rather than posting here?

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I think feedback will work better if everyone sends their ideas into the beta e-mail address — that way it doesn’t get obscured by chatter, and instead each suggestion can be examined on its merits and multiples can be aggregated and tabulated objectively.

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