Carbide Motion 4.17 / Use HDZ

(Brian Mears) #1

I’m about to install 4.17 so I can enable the “Use HDZ” option. Is this option modifying my GRBL settings, or is it changing something somewhere else?


(William Adams (Carbide 3D)) #2

Installing Carbide Motion 4.17 replaces the front/back-end Carbide Motion 4.16 (or earlier) application on your computer — it doesn’t change the version of Grbl which is installed on your machine’s controller, and it shouldn’t change those settings — but you will have to update the machine settings as part of the HDZ install/configuration process.

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(Arjan van de Ven) #3

actually the option will set the correct GRBL settings for the HDZ

so this does the magic for you


(Chris) #4

Been awhile since I visited these forums… What’s an HDZ?


(Daniel Story) #5

Heavy Duty Z-Axis

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