Carbide Motion 4 driver fail to install Windows 10

Hello, I am using a windows 10 laptop, its a crappy toshiba, my only computer ATM.

I tried to install CM4 and it does the whole install process and the last part where it says its installing the driver always fails after a minute of “installing”. I looked online a bit and wasnt able to find a fix that worked for me. I really want to get my shapeoko xxl running!

Can anyone help out? I sent a screenshot of the error to carbide3d but it was last night and I dont expect a reply on the weekend.

Any help would be appreciated.


Also the driver fail says something like

Driver:carbide3d blah blah a whole bunch of numbers

As the name of the drivr that fails to install

Also before I get chewed our for not looking around or posting something that’s been posted, there was a guy with this issue that posted it and reposted that he found the fix but i couldnt get it to work and dont know what driver signing is.

I tried some restart of windows with restart option to do something like maybe install unsigned drivers but since i dont know what im doing i kinda blindly followed the post and either it didnt work or i did something wrong. Either way it still wont insta cm4. I have 64 bit windows i think

Your ticket was assigned to a person who works normal business hours — I’ve put it back in the normal queue.

We’ve had difficulties with the driver signing being expired, so that might be it.

Were you installing Carbide Motion 3 or 4?

Carbide Motion 4.

The cover of the motherboard said it has to be 4

Just installed CM4 build 412 on my son’s Windows 10 gaming machine running Fall Creator’s Update, no problems, no issues with the driver install — could you make a screengrab, or accurately transcribe any error messages or status information which Windows provides and send those in to please?

i am still having trouble. i can open carbide motion, but the homing process keeps failing. also the y axis sounds so bad when it moves that it makes me wonder if i got bad motors with my shapeoko. x and z sound quiet and smooth, y sounds rough like the belt is skipping but i got that sucker on tight to where it feels like its too tight… im bad at typing is there a service hotline i can call to explain better?

Potential problems for the Y-axis:

  • uneven belt tension
  • one bad stepper driver (a single good one is sufficient to move the gantry sort of)
  • wiring issue (masked as noted above)

and all the standard things, but doubled:

I wrote up a bit on this sort of thing at:

and I’ll dig out your e-mail in the support queue and try to hook you up there.

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I got it running. Y2 had a wire switched in the extender cable so my motors were working against each other.

Fixing that was a huge relief!

Carbide motion works now even though the driver failed it still runs. I am doing simple things until i get my 1/8 adapter. Id love to see UI upgrades to the carbide programs but overall they are functional and effective.

I want to make aluminum wheels for the sliding parts because i have a bumpy plastic one probably from putting it on the rail wrong and the y axis has a limp as it rolls. Not a major issue machine still cuts well but i just dont like to see/hear/feel it when im messing with the machine.

Lastly, thank you very much for your fast and informative responses. I know you probably deal with dozens of people with the same problems when they first set up and its cool that you don’t seem sick of answering obvious sometimes dumb questions.

High 5 to carbide 3dd

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Rather than metal wheels, please contact and we’ll send you replacements for any faulty wheels you have as a warranty item.

Glad to be able to help, and I’ve always felt that the only dumb question is the one which goes unasked.

So, a month later and hardly any time to use this cool machine, I got many things dialed in, and am having success with my Shapeoko3 XXL. Thank you very much Carbide 3-D for the replacement belts and replacement wheels! I would say the customer service I was offered exceeded that of any company I have dealt with up to date. These guys definitely aren’t stingy and I perceive that they want their customers to enjoy their products rather than take your money and tell you pound sand!

I am currently working on the pocket around island feature as well as pocket certain parts and leave the rest alone. It seems like most of my trouble came from the computer I was using. Ive since trashed it and purchased a new laptop and things are going wonderfully now. I wish I had more time to sit at the computer but gotta feed the family… Maybe soon once I get fluent with this thing it can help to provide some income as well.

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