Carbide Motion 4 not accepting files

I am furious. Furious just is not the word right now. I have been fiddling with this thing for over 2 weeks now and I have had it. I am just so sick of this crap I could scream…

I zero’d the cutter for a job to run. The job started running and perhaps the bit was too big for the holes in the MDF I went to cut because it was pushing it up off its Z axis. So i edited the job in carbide create to use a smaller bit, and chagned the bit on the router. I left carbide motion on so my zero’s would remain the same and I would be able to just start the job over. Well now Carbide motion wont load a file. IM SO SICK OF THESE BUGS MAKING FOR ANOTHER 1000 ROADBLOCKS TO DO A SIMPLE JOB!


Hi @Savant_PCs,

Please send us your file and a way we can contact you (Skype or Facetime are great). We can help troubleshoot with you. Also, please feel free to give us a call anytime you are stuck.

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Heres the file. The Carbide Motion wont accept a file at all. It just sits there at the Job Info screen saying no file loaded

The thing that is just really driving me up the wall is ok, there was an issue and I know how to fix it and not Carbide Motion is essentially broken. I am tired of the glitchyness of it all. I bought this thing to simplify my product development and have had several customers asking me when will this be ready and everytime I feel like i take a step forward in my understanding of this all I hit a roadblock which makes me feel even farther back than square one!

Just uninstalled and reinstalled and its the same thing. Would you like to use TeamViewer to see my desktop?

Could you please send the file to This is the first time I am using the forum. We typically handle support via our email server and phone lines.


I would be really interested to hear what the problem is… if/when you figure it out. I have the same problem if I try to load a second job in CM after completing my first cut. I always have to close and open CM again… which means homing the machine again… very frustrating when you want to run multiple jobs on the same part.

Homing has to happen each time if it’s enabled as it keeps the machine tuned to its relative positions. It can slow the process, but good to have. As far as it needing to reload the file again you might try to load the file from a new location. Are you running the latest software? I believe some people were having similar issues that were taken care of in the update. Please email us at if the problem persists.

I am a total noob so there are a lot of things I would assume would be features or I have a fresh set of eyes to where I would intuitively go which I think is good for the developers to listen to.

So the problem after a ton of troubleshooting came down to several things.

  1. When I ran the job with the .25" bit it kept pushing the whole Z axis plate upward so the next few circles it had to cut kept getting shallower and shallower. The problem on that was fixed by removing one of two springs.
  2. Before I removed a spring I decided to try the exact same job with a smaller 1/8" bit. I went into Carbide create and edited the toolpath to use the different tool, saved the gcode and no matter what I did, whether it be restarting the whole computer and CNC, Carbide Motion would not take the file. If i selected it it would just go back to the screen saying no file loaded. I still do not have a fix for that but given that I could use the .25" bit with just 1 spring it no longer applied.

So in all this re-homing and wasting time having to move the spindle back to point zero on all 3 axis I am scratching my head and am really quite dumbfounded that after the device homes itself and allows for rapid positioning why is there not a button to return the spindle back to point zero!? I wasted soo much time last night with all the testing just moving the thing back to point zero. If the thing can rapid postion and point zero is still what it was prior to restarting as a newcomer I really am quite suprised that that isnt an option. Especially given these newer models of XL and XXL ship with homing switches.

You should be able to rapid to 0,0. I’m at work so i’m not 100% sure what it is called, but on the rapid position screen there should be a button for “X/Y Offset”. This will move to 0,0 without changing Z. Then there is a ‘Z+6mm’. This will move the Z axis to 0mm + 6mm. I typically hit the Z+6mm to clear clamps, then X/Y, to get back to 0,0,6 if i’m running the same job over and over.

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Hi Meg, I do not understand this reasoning. For me, Homing should be optional. It should be up to the user to home the machine as per the user’s desire. It should not be something that the machine has to do automatically every time It finished a job. “Zeroing” the machine will take care of the relative position, isn’t it?.

OMG you have no idea how thankful I am for you telling me this!!!