Carbide Motion 4 Not Opening?

Hey everyone,

I decided to give it another go with CM4, but am having issues. I was able to get GRBL 1.1 flashed to the board via my Atmel-ICE programmer and I installed the updated CM4 .exe (after uninstalling CM3). Now to the issue at hand… I cannot open CM4. Launching the application leads to nothing at all. Task manager does not even show an application starting. All malware and anti-virus software has been disabled, and the application was ran with administrator privileges and still nothing…

Any ideas?

PS: I am running Windows 10

Any help is much appreciated,


Hmm, the last person to report this was on a Mac (running 10.12) — please contact and hopefully they’ll be able to suggest something.

Maybe look in Windows event viewer for hints about what may be going on. You can click the Windows icon and then type “event viewer” to get there.

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Thank you all for the feedback. After further investigation it looked like a file permissions issue. After lots of digging and research it had to due with how the Microsoft account was setup. With the Microsoft account, it tries to sync both of my Win10 machines which utilize different users. This caused a permissions issue with access to the system32 folder of my machine. I tried changing ownership of the C drive, but that did not seem to do much other than cause of notifications saying I do not have permissions to change the permissions haha.

Remedy: Clean install of windows with a local account. RESOLVED!

Thank you again,

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