Carbide Motion 428 gcode file won't load

I’m using Motion 428 and have a project with 3 toolpaths, one is a 1/4" end mill pocket clearing path, the second is a 1/8" end mill follow up to the clearing path and the final is a 1/16" ball for a finishing path on a 3D item.

For some reason the 1/4" toolpath gcode won’t load into Carbide Motion… I choose the file and my disk drive activates but the file is not loaded (it’s only just over 500K) the other two files load with no problem…

If you do not have the bit setter or Nomad, it would not work because it will not let you reset Z0 after change.

I’m running the files seperately as I have always done… the first file (the roughing pass) is the one that won’t load… the other two files do load.

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maybe post the file for others to try ?