Carbide Motion 428 timer & tool

Here are a few more comments on Carbide Motion. This week I had a long engraving job to do. I loaded the file and it gave me a time of 565 minutes. I know I would speed up after I ensured that everything was going fine. I increased the speed to 140% but the timer did not budge.

I guess the time is calculated at the time it is loaded but a calculation when we change the speed.

Another comment regarding the timer is that the time in minutes and seconds is a bit odd, I wish the format was hh:mm:ss. One has to convert to hours to figure out at what time you expect to finish the job.

Lastly, since CC440 now can have a user-defined tool database, it would be nice to be able to import it into an upcoming version of CM to be used with the probe.


I second, third, and fourth that :smile: In fact, this capability is essential for pretty much everybody using metric tools. I have found the probe to be pretty useless for XYZ probing, I can currently use it only for Z probing.

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