Carbide motion 431 with new XXL many issues and errors

I’ve been trying to get my new XXL running for days (I have an XL already which I’m quite comfortable with, wasn’t expecting this to be a grind) and it’s really looking like my issues are software related with the newest Carbide Motion. I’ve got a new Fusion 5 Windows tablet running 10 home and basically all interactions with the new XXL on that have been a disaster.

I was getting tons of Resource Errors when homing or manually jogging, as well as “unknown error”s. I grounded the router, that alleviated the unknown errors so far but then the Resource Errors increased…

Had a call with tech support today and at their suggestion I hooked up my new XXL with the old HP laptop I’ve been using to run the XL - this is still on build 416. That older version seems to work perfectly with the new XXL it turns out, but when I tried upgrading to 431 the graphics completely spazzed out when mousing over the buttons within CM. No amount of uninstall/reinstall/restart changed anything so I reverted back to 416.

Then I decided to try installing the older 416 build on the new Fusion 5 tablet. Now that’s running completely fine, I’ve been manually jogging for 20 mins and no errors - Previously (on 431) it would give out within about 2 mins. My problem is I have a bit setter and am expecting a Z-plus soon so need a newer build…

Anyone experience this or know of a fix for the updated version?

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I might’ve spoken too soon, just hit a ‘Resource Error’ on the tablet running 416. I was able to manually jog the machine for way longer than in 431. What exactly is a Resource Error? I’m guessing it’s something going on with the tablet itself?

Can you post a screen capture of the error message?

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With the newer versions of CM, I often see a “Busy” message appear near the top on the jog screen. If you press the keys to move the spindle quickly several times, it appears that CM can’t keep up. If you continue to press more, I think it gets overloaded and may lead to an error message appearing in CM. I don’t remember getting this issue with older versions.

If I see the busy appear, I just back off and let the system catch-up.

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Yes, I had taken a pic of the error at one point:

It sometimes is freezes here showing “busy” in the upper green area, but it’s always this error…

Thanks Luc!

I have been seeing “busy” pop up in the screen, I use an external joystick controller to jog the machine as I find using the keyboard make the process much slower. I’m glad someone else is seeing this, but I don’t get why this is suddenly an issue? I’ve never had this on my other machine which I run the exact same way and that laptop is about 12 years old…

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You were running the older version of CM, something changed in the last big push where they implemented BitSetter. Maybe @robgrz can explain what has changed.

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very often this error is an EM interference issue (static electricity/grouding etc) but sometimes also OS power management

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The “unknown error” seemed to be EMI, but i’ve since directly grounded the router and I’ve not had one Unknown Error pop up. But these Resource Errors kind of took the place of that?

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“Serial Port: [anything]” is a sign that communication between the PC and the controller is not ok (obviously), and this is probably still due to EMI and/or a bad USB port. You grounded the router, but there may still be other sources of EMI (shop vac/hose maybe ? typical case). You can try another USB port, a different PC, or just plugging your PC in a different outlet. Usual tricks here if that helps.

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Thanks, this tablet unfortunately has just 1 USB port. And my other PC is having trouble with 431 so everything is kind of fighting me at the moment (though it seemed to work ok with the other PC on 416 build). I just repaired the windows installation on the tablet, will try another outlet. My dust collection system is also hooked into my XL, have never had EMI issues and that router isn’t even grounded. I’m using the same hoses to the XXL. I have hit this resource error when just homing the new XXL, no vacuum running. At this point I’m hoping it’s just due to the tablet as EMI just seems like this non specific problem and I’d expect to be having issues with the XL as well since they’re in the same room going through the same collection process.

Maybe for the sake of testing if this is HW related or SW related, try another G-code sender, if only for jogging around for a while to see if you still get comm errors ?

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Good idea! Will give that a shot as well. Thank you

The “Busy” error isn’t emi, static or anything other than either the computer (which I think is NOT an issue) or the controller (more likely) not being able to keep up with multiple commands in a short time period. I didn’t have any at all until after I installed HDZ, and then it can happen at machine start when I am just starting to move after homing.

Busy should just be a status report of the program waiting on the machine to catch up.

Since the machine has to spin the motor on the Z-axis coupling of the HDZ several more revolutions for a given movement than it has to when the motor is driving a pulley on a belt, this happens more frequently after upgrading to the HDZ.

Thanks Will - sounds like I have an odd issue then? I’ve got just the stock XXL setup at the moment, and carbide motion repeatedly shows “busy” when just manually jogging on the touchscreen. Doesn’t flash on/off in any even intervals. I can’t attach a video here unfortunately

I said an HDZ increases the frequency with which this occurs — I didn’t say that it wouldn’t happen on a stock machine.

Fair enough, but at the moment I’d say it displays ‘busy’ about 75% of the time that the jog buttons are pressed.

I’m currently running a Fusion 5 with build 431, HDZ, and bitsetter. I had the msv120 issue, bit since solving that, it’s been fine. Are you using the power cord or mini usb to power your tablet?

Yeah I had the msv140 dll problems but managed to get that figured out too. I am powering this with the power cord, haven’t tried powering it with the micro usb yet…