Carbide Motion 5.13 Unexpected Disconnect

I subscribe to a wood carving mag. In the one I got today was a drawing of sunflowers with a basket weave in the background. I scanned it and converted to svg. The cm time was 7 hours to carve with 301 bit. I covered surface with Easy Shelf paper (vinal). About two hours in I paused to look at progress. The Shapeoko disconnected and would not reconnect until I powered down Shapeoko. This is the third time this has happened on different jobs. The project I was cutting was a pencil like drawing so I won’t start over because the carving so looks ragged.

My concern is the disconnect. Another time at the end of a long carve I got the message to turn off the router and as soon as I clicked “Resume” I also got the disconnect.

Has any one else seen this behavior. I don’t think it is static because it was 75 percent rh today.

Hi Guy,

I’m afraid this is not so uncommon, it’s most likely EMI (static-induced or not) and it can be difficult to pinpoint the source of those, air humidity is only one of the many factors at play.

FWIW try and go through the little checklist I posted recently ?

That one case where it happened right when you turned off your router tells me it’s probably sub-optimal grounding somewhere, you may try grounding the router? Folks are done that by just wrapping a copper wire tightly around the router body, and connecting it to a known good earthing point.

To help you figure out likely causes, can you describe your setup in details?

  • how/where are the shapeoko, router, shopvac plugged
  • if you have a dust hose, is it grounded (and was the shopvac on when these disconnect happened?)

In the meantime, when this happens and if you can make a note of which line it stopped at, there are ways to edit the G-code file to run the rest of the job.

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Try this and see if it works for you. I’ve had no such problems on long cuts.


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