Carbide Motion 636 - Spindle options missing

I am using version 636 of motion and it is prompting me to change the spindle speed each different toolpath.

I went back through the settings and I do not have the setup screen for spindle options. I am assuming this is because I am have the HDM with comes with the VDF spindle…but then it should be using the toolpath to set the speed. So I am not sure what I am missing.


when you set up the machine in motion did you specify that you have a VFD spindle? If not just run the new machine setup again.

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Thanks for the response.

Not sure if I did that in the setup but I had been trying to do the “set up new machine” at the bottom and it isn’t on the the screens that pops up.

I wasn’t clear in my post so it was confusing. I know it isn’t located in the normal settings anymore. The setup screen I was talking about is during the setup new machine walkthrough. I have seen pictures online of the spindle setup window. I just don’t get it for some reason.

Edit: I just went back through and cleared out the app data completly to start totally fresh with not settings remembered. Still don’t get a screen for setting the spindle when going through the process.