Carbide Motion - Ability to pause job and change Z axis zero

(Stephen Kidwell) #1

I work with thin sheet metal so there can be a disparity to where the zero is at the start of the job vs the center. The sheet metal is also held down by double sided tape so it can be difficult to zero it using the paper method as it can press the sheet metal down just a tad too much. During longer jobs, I would LOVE if I could pause the job to adjust Z-zero then start it back up. That way if I am not cutting enough I can adjust during the job or if it is cutting too deep I can adjust accordingly.

Would be SOO time-saving for this feature!


(Rob Grzesek (Carbide 3D)) #2

It’s a popular request but it will require a large change to the internals of Carbide Motion. I’d expect that we’ll add it at some point but it’s not on the immediate todo list because of the scope of the changes.


(AdamMitchell) #3

@robgrz Hello! New user, and I just came looking for the same feature, for the same reason. Any news? Or is it a feature and I’m missing it? Thanks.