Carbide Motion and spindle

I’m finally getting around to setting up my 1.5kW spindle on my 3 XXL and I have a question (or three). When there is a tool change generated (in Vectric with Neil’s PP), Carbide Motion asks me to insert the next tool, will that also automatically stop the spindle? And then when I click resume, will that restart the spindle at the new speed? What about spindle sip up time, will it allow for that? I just want to be sure Carbide Motion does all this or do I need a different gcode sender?

Hi @ctdodge,

Yes. Well technically, it’s the M5 commands that will stop the spindle, while it’s the M6 command in the G-code that will trigger Carbide Motion’s tool change sequence, but same difference since M6 is always preceded by an M5 at some point (luckily for our fingers)

Similarly, it’s the M3Sxxxx commands in the G-code that will restart the spindle at the commanded value (and does M3 commands happen right after hitting “resume”)

You just need to add one line in the PP to add a spindle ramp up delay of your choosing, see this post

Thanks @Julien ! I know you’ve posted a layout of the 2.4e control board, but I can’t seem to find it. Do you have that handy to be able to repost it?

Thanks much!

It’s in the ebook here

So would the VFD control go to header 5 pin 2-1 (Spindle PWM) and 3-1 (GND)?

Yes, either that, or using the solder points at #18 which have the PWM and GND labelled (but then you will need to remove the controller to do the soldering…not very convenient), or even using the PWM and GND at #20 (BitRunner connector on newer boards)

You can easily double check things before connecting/soldering anything if you have a voltmeter on hand, the voltage between PWM and GND should read between ~0V and 5V, with 5V when RPM in G-code is set at or above the value in $30, and a proportionally smaller voltage for lower RPMs.