Carbide Motion basically doing what ever it wants

So I have been using my shapeoco for a few weeks now for a few projects. First few went ok cnc works fine I need to lvl it more I guess or flatten it but still having a bunch of problems with software. I’m decent at carbide create basically using illustrator to make what I need and transfer it over to create to make the tool paths. But now I’m having problems with motion. It crashes ALOT but I’m chopping that up to my old laptop. But last few projects its having a mind of it’s own like a child. I double check my work multiple times and everything is fine on my end but the cnc just goes off and does it’s own tool path ruining lots of my nice wood. I wanted to make a few square pockets to make a picket tray for a cellphone and change so it started out fine and i decided to record it for my Instagram so i paused the program the tool moved up a few inches from the work like normal set up my phone and hit start again. The tool slowly approached the work dove straight thru the work and gouged out like a 6inch grove out of the work. So I had the tool path to only go about 1/4 down and it did a complete first later great that’s when I paused it and started it back up. So the tool ended up going like a inch deep. Next day I stared it up again double checking the x,y,z zeros stayed and they did so stared up the program again hit go and again just drills straight down where I dont even have a tool path going.

So TLDR motion is not following my tool paths and pretty much doing what ever it wants

hope this helps. have you tried previewing your work with something like camotics or gwiz editor or something along those lines to make sure the part is where you think it is and that the orientations and motions are what you expect, and that you are not getting something in the code that you where not expecting. have you checked for random imported artifacts or points that may be in the gcode that are coming in with your geometry. double or overlapping geometry and random points in out in space away from work area when importing from other programs is not unheard of between cad apps.

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When a machine is first put into use it can be hard to differentiate between mechanical issues, incorrect assumptions on the part of the user, and other oddities.

Please review: and try previewing files as @mrcaland suggests.

Taking notes and following along with the checklist: helps.

If you continue to have difficulty, please let us know step-by-step:

  • what you did
  • what you expected
  • what actually happened

and we’ll do our best to help you puzzle things out.

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