Carbide Motion "busy". please help!

Ok guys, I need some help please.

I installed aluminum extrusions on my machine, and this is the problem on first start up. It will not let me initialize the machine, it just says busy. I’ve tried several different tablets/laptops, unplugging and re-plugging the power wire and usb wire and it’s still showing the same thing. The picture will all 3 lights on is after I connect it to cutter, the picture with the one blue light is the machine powered on but I have not selected “connect to cutter”. The error message only shows up every so often. I get that one, and one that says something about closing the door. :man_shrugging: I talked to support today and they guy said he had no clue, and asked me to send a email with pictures so I did and I haven’t heard back. Any suggestions?

what’s the 4th connector you plugged in next to the x/y/z limit switches?
(I have nothing there)

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probably his bitzero or bitsetter wire thats a probe port.

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but it’s the feedhold connector… which might explain a “busy”?

my bitzero and bitsetter go further to the right in the vertical direction (and he has a connector connected there)


I have bit setter and bit zero. I’m not sure which is plugged into which connector. Machine was working fine 5 min before I started the tear down. I didn’t plug in, or add anything extra with my extrusion upgrade.

Agree - if that’s a v2.4e like it looks like, then feedhold would explain both the extra connector, and the behavior.

After looking at the picture, the feed hold would be the fifth connector, not the fourth. while it would match the symptoms, I’m not convinced that anything is plugged in there.

The door message sounds more like a Nomad thing, I would assume that is connected to feed hold and not probe. Can you trace the wire going to probe and the wire going into the reserved connector?

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ok, I’m and idiot… There is a connector in the feed hold… My E-Stop switch… which was pressed in, reset that and everything its working as it should… :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

I didn’t even think of that, I’ve always made sure it was good when I check my VFD. I didn’t even have the spindle plugged in, so I completely skipped over that step.

thanks for the help yall.


Woot! At least the bug is squashed. Happy cutting!

at least we were very close in the diagnostics :wink:

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