Carbide Motion - Combine Jog and Rapid Motion screens

I seem to be switching between these two screens all the time. Thing is, neither screen is really using so much of the window that they couldn’t be combined into one.

Even better, tabbed dockable windows. You could use two tabs to get the same screen usage as today, or dock both windows and resize them to fit the screen and have everything in front of you.


Yea - bring it! And please add the ability to key in X, Y and Z positions. If we have to use a known offset to get to the center of the workpiece (i.e Y center for flipping) then it would be nice to type that in rather than close in on it with 1mm, 0.25mm and 0.025 mm steps every time.

Better yet - please add the ability to “Save” a zero point for each axis with respect to the machine table - not just according to stock dimensions. Then we could “Save Y Center” and “Go To Y Center” with a button press, rather than nudging carriages around. Same with X center, but slightly less important.


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