Carbide Motion controller

So I have made an arcade style remote as many have before. I have mapped the keys to the joystick and buttons but I can not figure out how to make the joystick or button act as a long press. To me there has to be something I am missing. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

What software are you using to interface the joystick ?
I made (one of) mine using JoyToKey and did not have issues with long press:

And this is what I have done. Issue is when I hold down the button mapped to z for example I have to keep pressing it instead of just holding

Maybe try tuning the auto repeat setting?

Tried that too. Not sure if it’s the button type I have or the software

There is also the “Toggle between ON and OFF” you could use, but it changes the behavior significantly (first press activates the key, a second press releases) and it sounds like a bad idea for a jog pendant. Beyond that I’m out of ideas :frowning:

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