Carbide Motion crashes when uploading file

Carbide Motion crashes when I click Load New File, happens if I click before or after I initialize machine. Was working fine last week, haven’t done anything different. On build 618.

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Does it allow you to select the file?

If so, post it.

What folder is it trying to look for files in?

Doesn’t allow me to do anything, as soon as I click load new file Carbide Motion closes and a crash report pops up.

Please try the standard computer troubleshooting techniques:

  • reboot
  • check for updates
  • reboot again

if you still have this problem, go to the Start menu, type “sysinfo”, then run the System Information tool and save the output from it as a text file using your last and first names and send it in to us at

Rebooting laptop worked, I always just shut down the laptop when I’m done so I just assumed restarting wouldn’t be any different.

Thanks for the help.

In Windows there is a difference between Shutdown and Reboot. The default in Windows is to preserve the kernel state and reload it after a Shutdown. A reboot deletes the old kernel and reloads a fresh one. The kernel is the heart of any operating system. However it is modular for drivers and other things that the kernel uses. If a module/driver becomes corrupt it gets propagated over and over with Shutdown.

You look up on google how to change the default behavior. I changed mine so every time I shutdown it throws away the old kernel and reloads a new one on every power on. Usually you dont need to do that but it does not hurt anything to refresh the kernel. The only downside is it takes a few more seconds to boot up but with most modern computers they are fast enough you will likely never notice.

Did not know that, I’ll have to look that up. As long as it doesn’t take 10 mins to boot up I’m fine with a little longer boot time.