Carbide Motion Disconnect

Hello All,

I see others have posted about this. I just started using my Nomad Pro. I decided to try a roughing pass and finishing pass. After the roughing pass was done, I was prompted for the tool change. Did that, and then hit the button to proceed. At that moment the software said it was no longer connected.

My question is. After this occurs would I have to recenter the X,Y, Z (Z would be sorta difficult)? Is it possible to just load a file with the finishing pass and start the job?


Hi Steve,

I’m not too familiar with the Nomad workflow but I think you should be able to do that.

  • if the machine disconnected before the tool change probing happened or was taken into account, you may still have the zeroes from the first tool, and then you could force a tool change again from CM, to adjust Z zero to the new tool, and proceed ?
  • if the machine disconnected after the tool change was properly taken into account, you should be able to just proceed

I would first jog manually to 0,0,0 and check at least visually if it looks like your zeroes are still in the right place. Since you probably milled off the top surface that will not be a very precise assessment, but if your roughing and finishing tools have significantly different stickout/length, it could be enough to confirm whether you still have the “first” zeores or if Z zero was adjusted for the second tool. You could also jog to somewhere else on the piece that is still there and that you know the thickness of / height from Z zero, to check you are at the right Z offset?


Hi Julien,

Thanks for the reply. If it occurs again I will give that a try. I had not thought about jogging to visually inspect the zeros for X,Y. I know the dimensions of the original stock, so if I did have to rezero the Z I could do it. It would be nice if CM would just “pause” when this happens, allow you to reconnect the machine, and the continue where it left off. I had to reload the file. Next time I will try just loading the finishing pass, and follow your suggestions.


OK. So CM disconnected again while machining some silver. CM did retain the zeros. The only issue was I had to start the entire run again. This was not too much of an issue as the end mill did not cut anything that was already cut. Just added more time. I’ll follow up if it happens when milling some lithophane with roughing and finishing passes.

Steve have you considered editing the g-code to remove the sections that were already cut prior to disconnect? If you’re able to take note of your line number and coordinates to reference, this would be an option to avoid the air cut time. I‘ve had to do this a handful of times; I used Notepad to open up and edit the g-code files.


Thanks for the tip. I had considered it, but did not want to go that route on the pice I was milling. Next time I will for sure give this a try.

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