Carbide motion display washed out

Hello guys,
I have this proplem with CM, i can’t see the control texts, already updated vcredist_x86 to the one in this link and still no change.
Running windows 7 X86.

Any help?
Thank you.

This is a known problem w/ certain graphic card drivers — if an updated driver doesn’t fix it, get a different graphics card, different computer, or use a different comm / control program:

Thank you, Solved.
Downgraded the driver and worked fine.

It would be helpful if you’d provide the specifics of your graphics card and the drivers in question either here, or in a message to

Adabter: Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family (awfully old)
OS: Win 7 Ultimate X86 SP1

That’s what worked out for me,

Uninstalled the display adapter and downgraded to the version came with windows.

Updated DirectX patch to 6.2.9200.16492

and voila

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