Carbide Motion Feature Request

One feature I’d love to have is for Carbide Motion to support alerts, so that when the job is finished, a tool needs to be changed or there’s a problem I get an email or SMS message on my phone.

Even better would be to open source the software so others could contribute to it :slight_smile:

Please don’t let the machine run unattended.

I stumbled across this video a while back. It should be more then enough of a warning to not walk away from a running machine. :grin:


There are more opensource comm / control apps to use / contribute to than one can easily count.

Thank you @raynelang — that was exactly what I had in mind, but couldn’t bring myself to link / post — we all need to be reminded of / remember that these machines are power tools, and they bear the same sort of consideration as a bandsaw, circular saw, tablesaw, &c. Wear safety goggles and hearing protection. Keep guards in place, hands out of the machine, do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, &c.