Carbide Motion for desktop Linux?

I just bought a Shapeoko Pro. Are there any plans to make Carbide Motion available for Linux on Intel/AMD?

Failing that, has anyone had success running Carbide Motion in a Windows 10 VM under VirtualBox on Linux? Otherwise I guess I can dual boot but I would prefer a native solution.


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I use Carbide Create in a windows 7 VM with VirtualBox. I’ve not tried carbide motion in the VM. You may want to look into the Raspberry PI version of Carbide Motion.

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I’ll give it a try with virtualbox and I’ll look into the Raspberry Pi version. Thanks for your help!

Yes, it works with USB passthrough.

That said, if you’re using Linux, you’re more likely of the tinkering persuasion, so you might appreciate a more complete G-code sender like UGS or cncjs, which are Linux-compatible anyway.

Thanks @Moded1952. You’re right, I am a tinkerer but I thought it best to run everything stock until I get familiar with it. Probably will switch to ugs after that.

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