Carbide motion for other GRBL machines?


I have a Xcarve and a Nomad. Can I use Carbide Motion to send files to my X-Carve which runs on GBRL?
I would like to use that so i can use one set of software, plus i have tried Universal GCode sender UGS and ChilliPeppr and it cannot handle my large files (30 MB+).
Has anybody tried that or does @Jorge or @ApolloCrowe know?


Hi Oliver,

Carbide Motion will only work with a Nomad883 or Shapeoko 3. We use a custom VID/PID on our USB controller which Carbide Motion looks for when connecting.


I’ve been using bCNC and have been quite pleased w/ it.

List of other options here:

Ok thanks everyone! :slight_smile: Looking at all the other software out there, I must say Carbide Motion is really good :slight_smile: