Carbide Motion Freeze(?) mid job

So I was machining a number of parts for a project and Carbide Motion just randomly stopped mid machining cycle and I have no idea what happened. Any ideas what I can do to salvage it? It looks like I might have to close the machine and try to re-zero it by eye. I don’t have any limit switches so that would be the least ideal situation, but if it comes down to it, that’s my best option. Any thoughts? The program is just stuck on 66% and I can’t click anything else other than pause, which doesn’t seem to do anything since its already stuck. :confused:


Measure any reference points to determine where the origin is?

In the absence of homing switches one can start the machine w/ the carriage and gantry held tight against a corner, then jog it over to the desired origin, note the offset, then zero, then begin the job — if you have to restart, then repeat the process using the noted offset.

You have to start again CM always saves the starting point, check the CC G-Code and always save in writing the values of the X, Y and Z axes. Without limit switches you always have to set a starting point to which you can manually reach again. This is what I think when reading your post, I apologize if it is not like that, I just want to help you thinking about your case.

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