Carbide Motion GRBL Alarm 5 - Probe Fail

Good evening. First post here, but I promise I searched. I couldn’t find information on GRBL Alarm 5. This is my first CNC machine, and my first initialization, so I am a bit lost. When I try to initialize the machine, I get the GRBL Alarm 5 message, and I really have no idea how to even troubleshoot it. I emailed support, but it’s late and I am anxious to get the spindle turning and chips flying. Any suggestions on how I might move forward with this?

Thanks in advance!

5 is Probe Fail.

Do you have a BitSetter? What colour is it showing?

Do you have a BitZero? Where is it? Where is the groundlead? Are they touching?

I had the same issue. Either the groundhead or the top part of the bitzero touching the chassis metal will cause the alarm when it tries go Z- above the bit setter.