Carbide Motion interrupt

A way to “watch” the program steps in CM as they flow by, and be able to stop and restart as some given program line number.

ie. program is stopped at line 3023 in the program and can be restarted at some earlier line, 3015 or so.


So in gcode there is 3 distinct parts. First is the preamble which sets up where the machine will start and sets up a lot of things, then the middle are the continuous stream of gcode commands to cut the project and then there is the post amble which tells the Shapeoko the project is finished and positions the router off the project. So if you want to start at a predetermined line you have to edit the file and put the preamble in, then back up to the rapid move before your predetermined line and copy from there to the end and write out your file. Then you have the three parts of a gcode file.

Look for machines that have stoppages for a more detailed explanation of how to write out your gcode.


That is a clunky way of doing it though. With Mach3, you scroll to the line you need to start at, and hit a button. Mach 3 will will run through the program from the beginning without physically moving, until it gets to where you indicated.It then prompts you to manually position the spindle in the correct position so it can continue. This will not work if you are using a subroutine or sub program though.

Back in my day of Fortran, Cobalt, Assembly Language, etc., I would have loved to write some more code…but those days are long gone.

It would seem to me that a SMOP (for those who are to young to remember…Small Matter Of Programming), a program knows where it “stopped or was stopped” and should be able to show the line of code for the event. Then, once the user has solved whatever event that caused the need to stop the program was solved, could look at the program, enter some desired number of earlier program steps and restart the program from there.
While I appreciate the idea of how to go about writing my own code to solve the problem, I’m way to old to start that learning curve again.

Maybe it is something that Carbide can add at some point. Just a thought.



I think I read something about GSender from Sienci having a ‘resume from’ capability that does something akin to the description of Mach3 above - ie: play up to the nominated line, then resume cutting knowing all lines before have been taken into consideration.

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