Carbide Motion Jog Increments .. where's 0.1mm?

This issue has been mentioned here before by someone else, but ignored.

Can we have the old version 4 0.1mm and 0.01mm jog increments back, please?

Or an option to enable such jog increments.

I know 0.25 and 0.025 is nice for imperial users, but they’ll be using inches throughout anyhow.


I’m pretty sure that the values were changed to reflect the # of steps / mm in Grbl:

0.025 * 40 == 1

for the sake of folks using belt drive Shapeokos (a Nomad uses 200 steps / mm, so 0.01 or even 0.005 would make sense there).

An option for higher precision for Z, or when using a Nomad would be an interesting option.

Check w/ @robgrz ?


It’s for a Nomad, and it used to be Fast, 1m, 0.1mm and 0.01mm for the jog.

I’ve been using a 0.1 feeler gauge to gauge a feel for the surface top, but that workflow doesn’t work since I updated.

If Carbide Motion v4 was fibbing when it offered these settings then I’ll have to make do as is. But if it isn’t it would be great to have them back.

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I started out disliking the 0.25/0.025 increments but it is growing on me. It is handy-ish if you use Imperial tools (like my edge finder) but metric dimensions.

Would I go back if I had a choice? Probably just for that perception of increased accuracy feeling :slight_smile:

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Fair enough…

Though it should be 0.254, no? Where the ‘4’ is the same level of precision is the ‘5’ in 0.025.

So for your tools, 0.25 is not 0.01" but 0.0098" … a small difference, but it means 0.025 is meaningless for your measurements.

As I say - handy-ish - as in slightly less clicks

I have to jog my edge finder over 0.1” to zero, so in jog step that is 2 x 1mm, 2 x 0.25, 2 x 0.025 - easy to remember… That gets me 2.55 mm as opposed to 2.54mm. If I can get to 0.01mm or 0.0004” accuracy on machining thats a pretty good day.

To get to 0.1” in the previous scheme it was 2 x 1mm, 5 x 0.1mm, 4 x 0.01mm. Not the end of the earth to be sure, just a few more clicks.

As I mentioned previously I would probably go back to 0.1 and 0.01 should I have the choice - but it would be more for mental comfort. I somewhat doubt I could eke much of a difference out of my less than perfect machining.

EDIT - pondering this some more it is actually not quite that simple as the jogs to get the edge finder onto the edge position also play a role in accuracy.

@PhilG There are plenty of counter-examples to your example. For most of my work I don’t need to jog with the 0.01 mm setting. But I do want precision at 0.1 mm resolution. So now I would have to switch resolutions a needless time to access the final 2 - 3 steps of 0.1 increments.

As a metric country user…

My edge finder is a 10mm so it’s 5mm jog to centre after edge finding.

The minimum job being one stepper motor step on a Shapeoko is handy on the Shapeoko.

At the risk of feature creep might I suggest config options for:

  • Shapoko vs. Nomad
  • Imperial vs. Metric units

This is the sort of thing that would be well served by being exported from the compiled code to a structured config file.


@bpedit - Absolutely there are different scenarios!

The example I gave is for my work flow - which is not everyones. If you have a different zeroing procedure that doesn’t involve an imperial tool the 0.25/0.025 increments add nothing as far as I can tell.

Right - after doing a pile of edge finding/middle finding/precision jogging this week I am changing from being OK with 0.25/0.025mm to intensely disliking it again. 0.1/0.01 jogging requires alot less brain math.


I cut mainly Aluminum and I can’t stand .025 vs .01 mm as I zero Z with a piece of paper and that extra .015 goes from a gap to pinching the paper so hard it cuts through every time. I only updated carbide motion because I installed an HDZ. If they don’t add it back I will reload an older build.


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