Carbide motion load new file crash

Program comes up, I can initialize, jog and go to settings. As soon I push load new file, it crashes. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled both cc and cm. I even pushed that little reset button on the controller, nothing…

Please post the file or send it in to and we’ll do our best to assist.

Crashes where?
These things usually happen when:

  • There is extra geometry selected in your toolpaths

  • Work Zero doesn’t match what you programmed

  • Scaling issues (inches when expecting mm)

As @WillAdams said, share the file and/or gcode.

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There is no file, I never get that far. It crashes before files come up to chose.

Do you have some utility loaded which alters how the file dialog works?

Is this on Mac OS X or Windows? Which version? Fully patched and up-to-date?

Try rebooting, checking for updates, shutting down and waiting a bit and restarting, then making a new user account w/ admin privileges and see if the program works in the new account.

I don’t get that far, as soon as I push the button to load new file. Usually your files come up so you can load the file, then you open. As soon as I start carbide motion, I initialize. Then I press “load new file”, then it shuts off before I get to even pick a file.

It is windows 10, I have tried all of that but not a new user account w/admin privileges. Is there a procedure on that somewhere?

Oops, I thought you meant the machine physically crashed. Disregard my previous comment.

Please see:

It is working, thank you. Some other program interference.

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