Carbide Motion Loosing Connection and now the Gantry isn't moving?

Ok, so let me start off with my run information. I am running a new Pro XXL with the Carbide Compact Router (set at 3) that’s about a month old, with a newly downloaded Carbide Motion. I am running a simple flattening file with a #602E 1/4 McFly Surfacing Cutter and using a new (low-end) Lenovo laptop. I am flattening Spruce

So the problem I am having is that once I start the flattening file, it will run for about 20 to 30 minutes, then the Pro will lose connection with Carbide Motion and all motion stops. I set up the file again, and the results are the same.

I am a little lost as to why, I just finished a Tool and Bit organizer without any connection issues.

Any thoughts or help anyone can give?

Check your New Lenovo’s power settings.
Laptop might be going to sleep.

That’s what I initially thought. I went into the settings and adjusted my settings so that the laptop won’t time out. On my last go-round, I was watching my screen when the two disconnected.

Do you think its a laptop or a file issue?

It’s very unlikely to be a file issue. It’s most likely either the laptop, or a USB disconnect caused by static electricity.

What are you using for dust collection?


I am using a shop vac located under the CNC Table. Is the shop vac too close to the table?

I changed out my laptop and now I am presented with a new issue. After I initialize, and go to jog the Gantry on moves about a fraction of an inch in either X or Y axis. The Z axis is fine…

Did you re-send the configuration? Carbide calls it ‘sending’ the configuration, but it also sets up important values on the computer.

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Ok, so I swapped out my laptop, then I re-sent the configuration and I moved my shop vac, and its running again. Thanks for all the help. Appreciate the help.

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