Carbide Motion not loading a file

I bought a new Windows Surface 6 (8gb ram etc) and downloaded Motion to use. Program runs fine but when I select LOAD NEW FILE I get the spinning ball of death. Any ideas?

Every once in a while I get a blue circle that just keeps spinning in Windows 10. It usually occurs right after an update from MS. I open task manager and see usually that my disk is 100% with system as the biggest process gobbling up resources especially disk.

There are many problems with windows 10 that have been published. Usually I just walk away from my computer for an hour or two and let it churn and burn. Eventually it subsides and I can go back to normal operation.

I know this does not help but it is what I do. Not sure what Windows 10 is doing but I cannot stop it and cannot put my finger on it. Since your computer is new it is most likely doing a lot of updates.

I have a neighbor that has been a farmer all his life. A few years ago I helped him buy a laptop. He regularly comments that: “This thing is the most updating thing I ever saw”.

There is no other product that I use that is defective and consistently defective as Windows. I have used Solaris, Linux, VMware and just about every flavor of OS there has been and none hold a candle to Windows poor quality and built in problems. No other OS is as insecure or problematic as Windows but unfortunately it is the standard OS and is unfortunately not replaceable. Sure I could go to Apple but for universal comparability there is no substitute for Windows. If Windows built cars the NTSB would shut them down in a second. It is a shame that MS had gotten so rich off such a defective product. Additionally there is no hope in sight for them to a working product.

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