Carbide Motion on a Raspberry Pi

I have all my files on a network share and have no problems opening them from CM for windows. I just map the share as a network drive.

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Well I have five working as security cameras, two are working as NAS, two are components test lab, one works as my storage device formatter/data wiper, one is just for cncjs for my HDZero, one is running pihole, a couple are running Volumio for listening to music, one used as a desktop for mail and web browsing and I am sure I have forgotten some too.

Edit:Correcting autocorrect :roll_eyes:


Well thank you, I’m not alone then and I can freely confess to having 11 Pis (+ or - one) scattered in various places around the house. Home automation, audio streaming in multiple rooms, video cameras, a MagicMirror in the hallway, a few ones in the shop…it all started with just one, be careful people!

Haven’t commented on the availability of CM on the Pi because…Xmas, but this is pretty exciting and probably what will allow me to ditch my W10 laptop, to finally be able to run both CM and CNCjs on my ShapeokoPi.


Welcome to the support group for Rpi addiction, firstly buy a Rpi, then some more bits and bobs depending on how fancy a build you want.

Then assemble a little e-paper display that reminds you not to buy any more Raspberry pi machines.

Eventually You’ll want to make more of these displays, spread them around the house to keep reminding you not to buy more Rpi machines.


This is very exciting news! Have been yearning to be able to ditch the old optiplex i’m running my shapeoko with! A touchscreen pi combo would be awesome!

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Yeah, I just placed my order for:

(and the matching keyboard)


(yes, I know it won’t work as is — the intent is to just use the hardware)

and a couple of additional buttons. I figure I’ll use:

  • touchscreen for loading files and switching modes and zeroing
  • joystick for XY
  • a pair of buttons for Z
  • four buttons for speed selection (unless @robgrz would be willing to expose the faster/slower functionality from the game controller functionality)
  • a button for feed hold
  • a button for cycle start (~ I believe it is) — my concern there is how the hard-wired feed hold button and how pressing cycle start will work

It would be nice for their to be an API or something so that we could have dedicated buttons for:

  • initialize/homing the machine
  • begin cutting a loaded file — could we have an “” filename option or folder, so that if such a file is in place (or a single file is in the folder) it is loaded into CM when it launches? (and of course, it is moved out/archived when CM is shut down)

I’d also like to work up a way to read the homing switch status and have them light up on the panel. Ages ago, I bought a prototype board on the Shapeoko forums (so as to help get the person doing it to the min. order quantity) — it would be nice to bring up all that discussion and review it for further ideas.


So the development stuff gets pulled in via qt5-default

Which has
“This package sets Qt 5 to be the default Qt version to be used when using development binaries like qmake. It provides a default configuration for qtchooser, but does not prevent alternative Qt installations from being used.”
as description.

I suspect you don’t need/want that specific dependency, but instead something else

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image at updated

Changes from before:

  • Icon bug fixed
  • Carbide Motion won’t start until the setup application has finished.
    (before it would start in parallel and clutter the screen)

Guys, this is such a cool development! I’m gonna get a Pi on order to mess around with this as well. I’d definitely upvote comments above on adding GPIO control to Carbide Motion of the future, especially if they can be tied to M-codes. Holy cow, that would be fun, I’d finally have enough I/O to run a pallet changer on my Nomad for lights out, 24/7 manufacturing. :rofl:


Huh, maybe because I just had my network folder as a shortcut, and not a mapped network drive?

Ah! PiHole! That’s what my spare one is for. I forgot I was going to do that. Thanks for the reminder.

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You are most welcome :smiley:

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Latest image updated at
(creation script @ github: )

This image will boot into the normal raspberry PI configuration app the first time you start the system, where you can set up keyboard, timezone, wifi and all the usual.
Once that is done (or on consecutive boots) Carbide Motion will start and is ready to go.

There is a folder /gcode that is also shared over the network, for placing gcode in,
and there is a /media folder where USB sticks will get automatically mounted.

Changes in this version

  • Shrunk the image size down so that burning to sd card goes roughly 2x faster
  • Fixed the USB automounting bug

Known To Do items

  • Auto-maximize the Carbide Motion window once @robgrz adds that feature
  • Shrink the disk image further once the “dev packages” dependency gets fixed in the carbidemotion.deb file
  • Verify that CM file open dialog starts in /gcode
  • Move the place USB sticks get mounted, into /gcode somewhere for user convenience
  • Optimize boot time (after first boot at least)
  • Make it easier for users of the script to manage open source license compliance

sunday afternoon update; image updated at the same URL

  • Figured out how to get Carbide Motion to be full screen. I’m not sure yet if this is nicer or worse than maximized (full screen hides everything on the system, including the system menus etc… which looks nicer but makes it a bit harder to hit a file manager or whatever)… feedback very welcome on if folks like full screen. “F11” gets you out of full screen.
    (if you have a tiny screen, at least with full screen every last bit of it is used by CM)
  • Fixed the USB mounting so that if you insert a USB stick, it gets mounted in /gcode/usb so now it shows up in the same space as what is shared over the network

Thanks for putting so much time in this. Ib look forward to seeing what it becomes.

I am holding off changing my setup over to an RPi until Carbide 3D decides whether to support it going forward. It is the only reason I haven’t tried any of these images yet. They look pretty slick though. I sure hope they decide to support this. It would be a significant upgrade from what I have now to be able to switch to a small touch screen on an arm.


So I saw this thread about a week ago and thought, “Once I have free time after Christmas Im going to make a Pi image that auto boots Carbide Motion in full screen.” I come back a week later and you already have an image well on its way to being ready. Nice work!!


well by all means take a look at the script/etc… and if you had ideas for features or so, lets figure out how to get that done )


Will do when I have that free time I mentioned. :grin: (Never seem to have enough of that)

I would like to suggest a name though:

CarPIde Motion

This may be crossing into the Dad Joke territory though. I have a small child and it is hard to avoid them.


The thing I’m curious about is what’s involved in getting game controller/pad support — finally picked up an RPi 4 when I was out today, but not having luck getting either gamepad/controller I have (generic USB Nintendo-style gamepad or 8bitdo N30S wired/wireless) recognized.

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