Carbide Motion only recognizing part of my words to carve out

I was working on my first project, which is this little sign/reminder thing to carve out with a 0.25 in diameter V-bit, but when I add the tool path it only recognizes little parts of the words. Any suggestions on how to fix this.

Uh, isn’t this Carbide Create (the CAD/CAM program), not Carbide Motion (the communication / control program)?

Where was this text created / set? It looks as if it has some overlapping paths which likely confuse things — also, some fonts are not technically well-made and will have errors.

If the text was set outside of Carbide Create you should view it in outline mode there, and remove / union any overlapping paths and if necessary ensure that the path direction is set correctly. For Inkscape this would be:

  • View | Display Mode | Outline
  • Path | Object to Path C (that includes a )
  • Path | Union

Some further documentation on this at:

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I have found that carbide create does not v-carve correctly yet. I have been using f-engrave and it works well:

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It would be great if you’d provide the files which Carbide Create doesn’t work w/ to so that they can figure out why and afford support for them.