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Hi: my computer took a dump and I had to reinstall CM the other day. Now CM prompts to turn on spindle speed (then resume), to turn off when it’s done (then resume) and a couple other prompts that quite honestly are annoying compared to the version I had before…not sure what version that was but I started with my new Pro around Feb of this year. Is there a way to turn off those prompts to make it all less dummy proof (as much of a dummy as I am)? I have BitSetter and BitRunner. Thanks.

Have you configured your software to support/use the BitSetter and BitRunner?

My upgrade path was from 537 to 542, this is where I noticed the changes in the prompts you mention in the original post. Looking at the changes log on the download page you’ll notice the following which likely includes these changes especially 541.


  • (NEW) Added option to check tool length when entering Jog mode when BitSetter is enabled.


  • (NEW) Internal changes.


  • (NEW) Internal changes.

Some of the prompts you can check the do not show this message again checkbox in the pop up however some of them you cannot disable and will remain in place unless a future version gives us the option.

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Bitsetter and BitRunner work just fine. It’s the additional prompts (restrictions) now that are a PITA. For instance now to start a new job, or after a bit change, there is a prompt to check the router speed.

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In CM did you check automatic spindle control? It is on the second tab for configuration. Dont forget to send config by going back to first tab in configuration. The post processor puts the M6 commands in automatically for a Shapeoko but if you did not check spindle control that may be why you are getting the prompts.


That’s the ticket! I thought that option was for those who have true spindle/controller units. Thanks!

Could some one here show me with screen shots just what youare talking about I to have the prompts as I hade to load a new version ofCM
Can what you are talking about be done after the CM is loaded
JEFF Peters

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