Carbide Motion - Provide option to X+Y probe for BitZero V2

If I’m using the provided pins to probe on the Bitzero V2, then the Z reading is worthless. I’d like a X+Y option, then I’d change to my bit and do a Z only probe to finish.

The Z-probe with the probing pin makes perfect sense if you have a BitSetter. I can see it would be tricky without the BitSetter.

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@mhotchin that’s how I do it although thinking I’m going to order a BitSetter REALLY soon. Do you have the corner and Z options in CM when using BitSetter v2?

Yes, if you probe at a lower left corner with a probing pin and don’t have a BitSetter, you have to reprobe for Z after repositioning the BitZero after changing to the tool.

It’s a tradeoff, and the BitZero and BitSetter have a synergy which the interface options play into.

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Yes I’m too familiar with the probing pin - tool change - and Z reprobe. I also want to export my gcode (with tool changes) and run it at once instead of individual runs. I have the bitzero v2 and bitrunner… thinking I’m going to order the BitSetter TODAY. Like now! :grin:

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