Carbide Motion PWM 5v only

I’ve had my spindle set up for about a month or so and it’s been great. Today I went to do some cutting and noticed the spindle sounded “fast”. I looked at the display and, sure enough, it read 24000 even though I had set the bit for 18000. Tried M3S0 and it turned off, tried M3S5000 and it went to 24000. Checked the PWM signal and it reads either 0 or 5 (4.97 actually) - nothing in between. But when it was first set up I had very consistent increments from 0 to 5. Cycled power on the controller, VFD, restarted Windows and Carbide Motion and it still reads either 0 or 5v.

Any ideas what happened? Did my controller just S the bed?

Do you have a laser?

What’s your max spindle speed in your grbl settings?

Can you post your $$ settings?

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You hit it @neilferreri, I do have a laser and last week was the first time using since I installed the spindle. I have a “Use Laser” and “Use CNC” macro, but my “Use CNC” only has $32=0 and $10=255 - both of which I’m pretty sure are wrong, but didn’t matter when I was using a router. What should those settings be for a spindle?

I know $30 should be 24000, and when I change that manually the control is correct, What should $10 be?


Mmmh, no they’re legit, $32 to 0 is just to tell GRBL to turn off laser mode, and $10 to 255 is the default mask setting.
The only param that are relevant for PWM control are $30 and $31.

Tip: either restore the $30 change in the Use CNC macro or…just tell Lightburn that the max value is 24000, not 256. It’s called the S value somewhere in the settings IIRC

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