Carbide Motion Screen

How tough would it be to incorporate the Toolpath Group and Operation names on the screen? It’s kind of interesting to see how many remaining steps a job has, but for me at least, knowing for sure what it’s up to would be more helpful.

Also, is there any easy way to print out the Toolpath Details from Carbide Create Pro? Gotta be a better way than transcribing details from Carbide Create Toolpaths screen to Excel or Word.

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I may not be following your question as to your actual intent here, but there is a place to put notes into Carbide Create. (Second icon in Setup menu)

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I think he means details from the toolpaths for machine setup & tools.
I can print this right out of the navigator in NX

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I just put in a feature request, asking for an option to be able to import the Toolpath Groups and Toolpaths as text into the Notes text area — we’ll have to see if it seems workable/feasible.

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I think I’m missing something. Assuming that importing Toolpath Groups etc in the Notes is viable, I’ve got one itty bitty problem. My version (629) doesn’t show the Notes or Ruler icon.

It is the latest V7 release. Nice features

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Just downloaded V7. As if I didn’t have enough to learn. I did finish one project today. Hurray for me. And my wife is glad this one is done. Only teeny screwups. I dare our granddaughter to say anything even if she does notice.

Need to update Carbide Motion.

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That’s exactly what I was looking for. But what is NX?

Thanks. I use Excel for a lot of stuff but transcribing the details of the Toolpaths into it is a royal pain. It Was the best way for me to be able to try to be sure that I was being consistent from step to step. Of course when I found something I wanted to change, I had to do it in CC as well as in Excel. Grrr.

How about a very simple PRINT option on the main Toolpath screen? Essentially printing something like Todd illustrated.

Used to be Unigraphics, one of the top CAD/CAM/CAE softwares. You can’t afford it! (neither can I) :smiley:

One option here is to just upload the file to Cutrocket — that gives one the sort of information you are asking after:

Doesn’t this make the file publicly available?

Yes. You can delete it when done.

I believe that only happens if one fills in everything and uploads each necessary sort of asset.

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