Carbide Motion - Select/Disable/Skip Toolpaths

This would not be relevant for all users, but for those jobs in Carbide Motion that are being read from a V7 2d file this it would be helpful if you could select or skip tool paths. Not relevant for a pure gcode job, but the c2d file has the necessary info to do it.

Ex. Running a job and I am on the 3rd tool path out of 5. Something messes up the job, like a hose getting caught which messes up a tool change. Currently if I want to restart on the 3rd toolpath, I would need to reopen in CarbideCreate, disable the first 2 toolpaths, save (which changes my file for next time), reopen in carbide motion. Next time I want to run the file, it needs to be reopened in CarbideCreate to change the enabled/disabled tool paths.

There are other use cases 1) Adding a new toolpath if you realize you missed something or had one disabled by accident. 2) The upcoming tiling feature might be another one so you don’t need to save 2 c2d files. 3) Custom projects where you keep using the same file with a series of toolpaths for different names. etc.

Maybe a list of toolpaths at the beginning where you can select the ones you want to run.


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