Carbide Motion shortcuts for Rapid Position?

Anyone know if a keyboard shortcut exists for the Rapid Position commands? Or if this mysterious API has that capability in the latest Carbide Motion?

I happen to have one of these laying around and thought it’d make a great jogger. It would be great if I can also add the Rapid Positioning capability to my jogger.

Or better yet: is there a way to send Gcode to CM (without the GUI)? I figure this is what the API would be good for.

My understanding is the API went away w/ CM4 and its hybrid architecture.

While CM won’t accept G-Code w/o using the GUI there are lots of other programs to use if CM doesn’t suit.

I’ve given CNCjs a few tries already but it made me appreciate some of the things Carbide Motion does well (smooth jogging and a more usable Time Remaining status). I really want to like it but these two things are making it hard to.

I do love having CM on a Raspberry Pi (though I’m aware other senders are available for Pi as well).

I will give UGS a try one day as well.

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