Carbide Motion Stuttering

Have started using my new SO3XL and did a number of test projects

Today i did another project. A name v carved, some texture and a 3D carving of an eagle head

All seemed to work fine until about 75% of the eagle head was completed. At that point it started stuttering. It was still carving properly but instead of doing nice motions it would stutter.

After it finally finished i decided to run the job again (without a bit) and it was stuttering from the beginning

Then i closed carbide motion and restarted it and started the same job again. this time it finished without the stuttering

any idea? Would be a pain to have this happen in an actual project that now takes ten times as long to finish



sounds like it may have skipped a step and when you shut it down and had to rehome it worked,mabie tighten the belts and throw a few quick test cuts at it.Also check the set screws on the pulley and make sure they were set on the flat spot.

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Was the log window open?

No skipping or anything it actually finished the part perfectly just really slow. it would move the bit by about 5mm then wait then another 5mm. Sometimes less sometimes more.

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No log window. It was working fine until about 75% then it had the issue

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