Carbide Motion to UGCS guide?

Hi, is there a step by step guide to switch from carbide motion to Universal G-Code Sender ? I have a shapeoko 4 XXL, with bitzero and bitsetter. It work great with carbide but I would like to try on UGCS. I used the wizard and he ask me for a previous config. I went to the setting of Carbide and only have a txt to copy to my clipboard.

Any guide on how to configure it all, so I can use my bitsetter and bitzero and have a nice workflow ?

Will the post processor be an issue too ?

I cannot understand why you would want to. Carbide Motion has been flawless for me for 3+ years. UGS is buggy and no longer supported…as far as I know. I used to use it before I bought a Shapeoko…would never go back.

UGS 2.1.7 was released last week. It’s not “unsupported”.

As for ‘it has bugs’, well so does everything else. With UGS you can at least report the bug and see what the devs think about it. The CC/CM devs are responsive, but you never know what they think about a bug, or see the reasons why or why not it was fixed.

That’s my bad, then. It wasn’t any longer being developed (or at least that is what I understood) back when I had my first CNC. Thanks for clarifying that.